Learn how to plan and manage profitable social ad campaigns

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I'll share my learnings from planning and managing more than $20 million in social ad campaign spends, and I'll do it in an easily digestible and accessible format. You don't have to be a digital media expert to learn how to plan and manage your own social ad campaigns.

  • +45 video lessons that walk you through the core social ad strategy components you need to understand

  • Essential campaign planning resources you can download and use to build your own campaigns

  • Instructor feedback to your course survey answers

  • Test and Learn campaign blueprint, so you can quickly put your knowledge to work

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

  • 2

    Campaign Planning 101

    • Campaign Planning Overview FREE PREVIEW
    • Campaign Structure: The Funnel Is Your Friend
    • Asking the Right Questions
    • Let’s Get to Know Your Business and Your Goals
    • A Simple, But Profitable, Plan
    • Campaign Planning Best Practices
    • Campaign Plan Template
  • 3


    • Audiences Overview
    • Custom Audiences
    • Lookalike Audiences
    • Interest/Demo/Behavior Audiences
    • How Different Audience Types Work (and Don’t Work) With Each Other
    • Pairing Audiences and Objectives
    • Using Business Manager to Estimate Audience Size
    • How Audience Size Impacts Budget and Campaign Flighting
    • Audience Best Practices
    • Audience Library Template
  • 4


    • Creative Overview
    • Pairing Creative and Objectives
    • Evaluating Creative Performance
    • Creative Best Practices
  • 5


    • Placement Overview
    • Mixed Placement: What Is It and How Does It Work?
    • Isolating Platforms and Placements
    • Most Common Placement Mistakes
    • Placement Best Practices
  • 6

    Performance Monitoring and Optimizations

  • 7


    • Budget Overview
    • How to Set Your Budget
    • Scaling Your Budget
    • Budget Best Practices
  • 8

    Building A Test & Learn Campaign

    • Test & Learn Campaign Overview
    • Recommended Campaign Parameters
    • Sample Learnings from a $200 Test & Learn Campaign
  • 9

    Case Studies: Real Learnings from Real Campaigns

    • Social Doesn’t Have to Be the Hero: A Lead Gen Success Story
    • Audiences Gone Wrong: Turns Out There Are A Lot of Vegans

Meet Your Instructor

Jenny McCoy

Founder, GoodHelp, Co.

Jenny McCoy

If you've ever seen a Portlandia GIF, Jenny probably made it. After more than a decade in digital strategy leadership roles for brands like IFC and MTV, Jenny founded her consulting agency, GoodHelp, Co. in early 2017. She quickly realized that clients didn't just want her to build their social advertising strategies, they wanted to learn the strategy themselves! The material in this course was developed through dozens of highly reviewed, in-person client training workshops and this approach has been tried and tested with both big brands and small businesses. It works! We're so excited to make this more material more widely accessible as an online training offering.


  • Who is this course for?

    1. Entrepreneurs who want to understand how to build a digital sales funnel 2. Digital media professionals who want to learn a new skill 3. Anyone who wants to understand how social ads work!

  • What's included with the course?

    In addition to the +45 video lessons, you'll also get downloadable resource materials, including media plan and reporting templates (with formulas populated for you) and a 2019 Social Ad Performance Benchmark Guide.

  • What is the goal of this course?

    You can easily access tons of free video tutorials to show you HOW to create social ad campaigns, but this course walks you through the strategy that makes campaigns actually work. At the end of the course, you'll be given a blueprint to create your own Test & Learn social ad campaign, so you can quickly put your learnings to work.